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Potterville Pottery is open to anyone who wants to walk in and paint ceramic pieces or hand-build with clay.

We also highly recommend the experience of making your own pottery on the pottery wheel.* If you are not interested in commiting to a class, we offer workshops each week. 

If the workshop offerings do not fit your schedule, you may also schedule a more convenient appointment to use the pottery wheel.  

* The pottery wheel is an activity for those 6 years and older.


Our Business Hours are
Tuesday – Friday: Noon - 8:00 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday:   Noon – 4:00 pm  Mondays -  Closed 

Our prices are:

  • Clay for handbuilding, sculpting or slabwork $13.00 per pound, including painting and both firings.
  • A Pottery Wheel Workshop (or appointment) is $30.00 per person.  Making your own pottery is a two-part process, and the price includes all materials, coming back to paint and both firings. If you are not going to attend a workshop, please make an appointment to use the wheel. 
  • Ceramic pieces and pottery are $4.00 and up. The average price for a ceramic piece is $20.00, and again, all materials and firing is included.

All of our prices include paints, glazes, and firing. The price for the pottery wheel also includes 2 pounds of clay, which is enough clay to make a coffee cup, cereal bowl, a 6" or 7" plate or a small vase. Additional clay for making larger pieces is $6.00 per pound, including paints and firing.

When you come to paint or glaze a piece of pottery or ceramics, you can expect to pick it up in about a week to ten days. We will apply a clear, shiny glaze to your piece and fire it.

When you have used the wheel or hand-built pieces, you may expect to pick it up in about two weeks.

We always make a courtesy call to you when your pieces are ready for pick up. You will arrive to find your pieces wrapped and in a bag, to prevent their breaking. Please feel free to unwrap them and take a look before you leave. We love to hear the ooohs and aaahs.

Please understand that we only operate our kilns when we have full loads of glazed or clay products, due to the tremendous amount of electricity it uses. This condition accounts for the time it takes for us to return your pieces to you.

We hope you will find the joy and peace that comes from working with clay, one of mankind’s oldest endeavors.